Why Choose Us for your CoolSculpting Service?

and 6 other questions to ask any other CoolSculpting provider.

Newest CoolSculpting Equipment

CoolSculpting is constantly designing new applicators, machines and accessories to treat new areas with shorter treatment times.  We will always have the newest, most up to date CoolSculpting equipment to ensure that you always receive the latest technology and get the best results. 

We are Not Your Traditional Physician’s Office

We offer our services in a welcoming spa-like setting providing you with a completely professional and relaxing experience. We also offer flexible scheduling and two convenient locations – Ebensburg & Salix.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Staff

We have the highest level of CoolSculpting Certified staff in the area.  Our CoolSculpting clinicians have achieved all of the available training direct from CoolSculpting University.  This includes a completely Certified Facility, CSU graduates and CSU Masters Program graduates.  We take CoolSculpting very seriously and are up to date with all the latest treatment protocols.

Pampering MedSpa & Outrageous Client Experience

The minute you walk into our facility you will recognize the difference! We are not your traditional stuffy office. We offer an amazing client experience in a Spa like setting. Take some time for yourself and relax and unwind at Elite!

Easy, Affordable Payment Terms

Sometimes if you really want something, having a low monthly payment can make a difference.  If needed, we work with multiple financial partners to make your Coolsculpting treatment very affordable.  There's even an option with zero interest if paid within 6 months.  Now there's no reason why anyone who desires Coolsculpting can't have it.

We Specialize In CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is an art form and requires the provider to be extremely proficient and knowledgeable. This knowledge only comes when you perform a high number of customer consultations and treatments. We have emerged as one of the top providers in the area and we continue to refine our skills through education. 

So Here's Your Checklist.

Does YOUR CoolSculpting provider...

  • Have the newest, state-of-the-art equipment and applicators?
  • Have the highest CoolSculpting training certifications?
  • Specialize in CoolSculpting?
  • Pampers you in luxury during your treatment?
  • Offers you multiple, easy, affordable payment terms?
  • Provides two convenient locations for you to request your consultation and conduct your treatments?
  • Provide flexible hours to work with you to pick a consultation and treatment time that works for you?